When evaluating Antique and Estate items there is no substitute, experience is everything.

Right now, as we "speak" people are selling valuable heirloom quality items for scrap to "pop-up" gold buyers. Many of these buyers don't know, or worse, care, about the difference...which results in an expensive selling mistake.

If you have antique fine jewelry, quality vintage designer items, name brand watches, or old coins you really want to get a professional opinion...and that's where Northwest Gold and Diamond can help.

We can evaluate your items, let you know the value, and make a fair, up-front cash offer with no obligation. Sure, often it is scrap...but when it's not it can make a substancial difference in value! 

We have on staff fine, vintage, and designer Jewelry experts. Call to set up a free evaluation before selling your heirlooms as scrap.
Estate Jewelry, Watches, Coins and Fine Designer jewelry
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“I inherited my Grandparents old jewelry and wasn’t sure what it was worth. I visited a local gold buyer who offered me $40 for the scrap gold in a small ring with a damaged stone. I decided to get a second opinion and ended up with Mark after talking to a friend. I am SO glad I did. Not only was the gold in the ring worth more, but the “junk” center stone turned out to be a 100 year old rare sapphire. After advice from Mark we had the stone re-cut and ended up selling it for over $20,000 dollars, I will be forever thankful and never go anywhere else."
Selling? We pay more!
Here's why

An early 20th century Cartier Brooch. Scrap value $540
Real value....$12,000