We Offer Expert Repair and Custom Design Services, free cleaning and inspection services, and free estimates to Repair or Restore your jewelry.

Many people have heirloom pieces they would never part with. Some of the most treasured jewelry people own are not the most expensive, but the most sentimental. Often these treasures sit damaged in a drawer or safety deposit box, almost forgotten since they can’t be worn and enjoyed.

We can help!

With expert repair services, and the ability to exactly duplicate a piece so worn out it can’t be restored, we can repair or re-make your heirlooms and get them back to beautiful, and wearable, condition. 

We are Custom Design experts!

Our custom design consultations and price quotes are free...you'll be amazed at how much you can save over designer ring stores who often take a 200% or more mark-up on their products! From initial drawings to completion, the process is straight forward, much easier than you might think and the finished product is always done to the highest quality standards. Call for an appointment and free consultation today!

Repair, Restore, and Custom Design
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