With over 25 years of custom design experience I will take your thoughts, ideas and heirloom gemstones and transform them into the jewelry of your dreams. 

Not only am I a designer, but CAD certified, and a bench Jeweler. This combination allows me to not only design beautiful jewelry, but create jewelry that lasts, and is of the highest quality.

Having these skills allows me to cut out expensive middle-men and specialty employees, creating substancial savings over designer ring stores.

The Process:

We start with an appointment. You bring your ideas, pictures, heirloom stones and anything else you might want incorporated into your custom jewelry. Together we draw hand renderings, putting designs on paper until we have it just right, creating a picture of what you want your finished piece to look like.

Once we have the sketch just right we order any gemstones needed to make the piece, hand selected to meet your exact specifications. Once we have exact stone measurements we create a CAD of the piece, using computer design to make sure your finished jewelry is not only beautiful, but built to last a lifetime. This process gives you the opportunity to make subtle changes to the design or gemstones if you want.

From there, the CAD is made into a 3 dimensional wax. You can see, touch and feel an exact copy of the finished piece, giving you another opportunity to make sure everything is just right.

Once this process is finished, you decide the color and type of metal you want the piece made in and we cast it using State of the Art casting equipment, insuring quality and perfect stone fit. Then we set your gemstones and finish the piece. 

This process not only gives you complete creative control, but insures the finished jewelry is exactly what you want and of a quality you can’t find at traditional Jewelers.

Call for your free custom design consultation today, which includes the appointment, hand renderings and price quotes!

Custom Design... anything is possible!!
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